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"My book LYME MADNESS is available on, Smashwords, and at select retailers. If you or anyone you know is suffering from unexplained symptoms and you cannot get a doctor to listen, this book is a must read. Chronic Lyme disease is an ailment afflicting millions worldwide and mainstream medicine has turned its back on the sick and infirm.

–Lori Dennis, MA, RP #LymeMadness


Lori Dennis (left) with Dr. Elena Frid, Pediatric and Adult  Autoimmune Neurologist and Lyme Specialist–Dr. Frid is one of the most experienced and unique Lyme doctors in the field, due to her background in Autoimmune Neurology, with heavy focus on diagnostic methodology, clinical expertise in neurology and psychiatry, and treatment therapy encompassing western and eastern medicine.

Why Is Chronic Lyme Still a 'Do-It-Yourself' Disease?

How is it that chronic Lyme disease is an illness that hundreds of thousands of people are forced to navigate primarily on their own, save for a handful of brave and noble doctors? How is it that chronic Lyme is a “do-it-yourself disease” (aptly coined by senior producer Kris Newby of award-winning “Under Our Skin” fame), where patients are forced to be their own diagnostician, medical researcher, medical investigator, microbiologist, rheumatologist, neurologist, immunologist, and the like?

We’ve come to expect doctors will open their doors, their minds and their hearts, and will naturally be prepared to listen, seek, research, learn, confer, support, and prescribe. With chronic Lyme disease, world-over, patients are often not afforded such treatment. Rather, they are told they are “crazy,” that it’s all in their heads, that no more can be done after a round or two of antibiotics. They are mocked, ridiculed, negated, scoffed at, met with disbelief and apathy… and often shown the door.

A Facebook image I posted several weeks ago said: “Lyme gets ‘treated’ more humanely on Facebook than in most doctors’ offices.” In just a day or two, this post reached more than 60,000 people. Why? Because it hit a nerve. It spoke to the stark reality affecting so many.

Then there was the post I wrote that said: “Lyme sufferers are victimized in at least five different ways:” (This post reached more than 106,000 people. Again, hitting a sweet spot of truth.)

  1. by the disease itself
  2. by doctors who turn their backs 
  3. by loved ones who roll their eyes and walk away 
  4. by insurance companies who refuse coverage 
  5. by the CDC and IDSA who insist that chronic Lyme disease does not exist.” 

Everywhere I turn, when the subject of chronic Lyme disease comes up, I am asked time and again, “Why don’t doctors treat Lyme?” With a puzzled look, they’ll say, “But I don’t understand.”

That’s right. You can’t understand because even those of us who live in the Lyme world — researching, consulting, analyzing, and studying daily — barely understand. All we do know, with utmost certainty, is we are living in a parallel universe where up is down and down is up. Where the majority of doctors don’t play much of a role in treating or navigating the potential recovery of this life-altering disease. Where Lyme patients are let down every day, left on their own to figure it out, and are completely abandoned by the very professionals who have taken an oath to “do no harm.” (Last I checked, medical negation, invalidation, and abandonment of patients, all of whom are experiencing their own living hell, would be seen as doing great harm.)

 How can a disease that is clearly infecting and affecting so many — requiring and creating more than five decades of activism, debate, controversy, heartbreak, confusion, outrage and untold anguish — be so widely ignored?

If this question were easy to answer, and I really wish it were, there would be no need for a book like mine or the daily efforts of many valiant heroes in the ongoing Lyme Wars — heroes who have been fighting this battle for years, with little change or resolution to speak of.

Ever since the first outbreak of chronic Lyme disease in Lyme, Connecticut in 1975, when Polly Murray first alerted the medical authorities to her strange and unexplained symptoms plaguing her and her family, when doctor after doctor could not explain what was happening to them or why, Murray was forced to try to figure it out on her own, without the support of the medical system.

 The lack of medical interest, attention, and outright negation of Murray’s pain led to her own personal examination and exploration of the disease she and her family were experiencing. Murray was a pioneer in the understanding and recognition of what we now call chronic Lyme disease. Her efforts eventually led to Dr. Willy Burgdorfer’s 1982 discovery of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.

Now four decades later, we are still fighting the same fight — the very same battle that compelled Murray to lead the charge way back when. Now, all these years later, we are still waging the very same war against the medical powers-that-be who continue to insist chronic Lyme disease is “difficult to catch, easy to diagnose and easy to treat.”

When will this war end? When will doctors sit up, take notice, realize that things do not add up, and act courageously and appropriately outside of the outdated, ineffective protocols that were never designed to treat this neurological, systemic illness we know as chronic Lyme in the first place? What will it take to effect a complete shift in attitudes and offer widespread medical understanding and support to patients? What will it take to veer from a “do-it-yourself” disease to one in which the medical community will act responsibly as their medical license so mandates?

Lori Dennis is the author of Lyme Madness – available on Amazon in early December 2016. Visit –Also visit Facebook for more.

Lori Dennis comments taken from her blog:

Chronic Lyme has rendered much of mainstream medicine ineffective at best, harmful at worst. Allopathic doctors, for the most part, have turned their back on millions of sufferers worldwide giving us no choice but to turn to alternative forms of healing. Homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy chiropractic, functional, integrative, biological, traditional Chinese, and energy medicine are now at the forefront of treatment for chronic illnesses, helping us get to the root cause. Thanks to chronic Lyme disease and other chronic and idiopathic illnesses, this is the new paradigm of medicine that is creating a sea change worldwide. #LymeMadness

Bullying, gaslighting, manipulation have no place anywhere, particularly in the medical system when people are at their weakest and most vulnerable. Every single day, this is happening in doctors offices all over the world. The sick shaming and the madness has to stop. And mothers in particular will often stop at nothing to protect their kids. Doctors don't stand a chance in these Lyme wars. Our numbers are growing and our outrage is escalating along with them. Things are starting to shift. I hope you'll get a chance to read my book Lyme Madness

We're NOT making it up. It's a matter of doctors being brainwashed, closed-minded, not thinking for themselves, being guided by the rhetoric of the CDC and the IDSA that chronic Lyme is 'difficult to catch, easy to diagnose and easy to treat'. We all know that the opposite is true. Millions who are suffering are being gaslit. Why?  Read my book Lyme Madness #LymeMadness. The truth is stranger - and uglier than fiction.

Gaslighting is powerful and utterly convincing. Chronic Lyme disease and all of its symptoms are as REAL as it gets. I just left my office after two hours of witnessing a Lyme sufferer writhing in pain from electric shocks, muscle cramping and more. I see this every week. You feel it every day. It's real. #LYMEMADNESS

I hope Lyme Madness is read by millions so that those not YET affected will join us in our outrage. Outrage plus action will lead to change. It already is. 

Treatment is never a one size fits all. Chronic Lyme sufferers are forced to go it alone, judge for themselves, find new, out-of-the-box protocols. It's a medical odyssey to say the least. #LymeMadness

This medical travesty is worldwide. I've spoken with people in Australia, South Africa, England, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Canada, US, and more ... all of whom are suffering with chronic Lyme while their doctors negate the very existence of this disease and turn their backs on the sick and infirm. #LymeMadness


"Read that book LYME MADNESS written by the Mother whose son has Lyme.

She is a Registered Psychotherapist and wrote this exposing those responsible for our quandary.

She is a Canadian and treatment there is even worse than here.

Her name is Lori Dennis.

She wrote this for all of us.

Let us pray that it becomes a number one best seller and reaches the general population which will demand and get change.

It is available on Amazon.

Go to your local library and ask them to order so the circulation will increase.

Every single word was written for us and by one of us.

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