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Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.Elie Wiesel

Lori Dennis, MA, RP, is a Registered Psychotherapist in Private Practice in mid-town Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. 

Lori provides Talk Therapy for teens, adults, couples and families. Talk Therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach that helps people manage their anxiety, depression, anger, grief, impulsivity, inattention, relationship problems and more by exploring their emotions, examining their patterns of behavior, recognizing maladaptive styles of thinking, addressing interpersonal conflicts, and healing past hurts and trauma.

"The ‘magic’ of Talk Therapy is in the relationship, safety and trust that we build together." –Lori Dennis

LORI'S APPROACH TO THERAPY–"My approach to talk therapy is diverse. First and foremost, I am a humanistic psychotherapist. I believe that we are inherently good, that our primary drive is to self-actualize and reach our greatest potential. I believe we make sense of our world using reason, connection and shared human values and by creating meaning and purpose. I believe we must relinquish our ‘victim mentality’ and take full responsibility for our lives, no matter the hand we’ve been dealt.

Empathy, respect, responsibility, self-empowerment, and meaningful connections … are some of my guiding principles. My job is to listen keenly and actively; to help you uncover your deeper emotional layers; to help you make sense of things that are troubling you; to help you manage your not-so-adaptive styles of thinking; to help you recognize your dysfunctional patterns of behaviour; to help you develop more acute self-awareness, and sharper awareness of others; and to help you build greater emotional strength, balance, and resilience."

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